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  • Airflow around a building

    Created on September 10, 2014 by Milad Mafi

  • Stirred reactor free surface flow

    Created on September 9, 2014 by Milad Mafi

  • Thermostructural heat exchanger analysis

    Created on September 8, 2014 by Johannes Stadler

  • Dynamic suspension analysis

    Created on September 5, 2014 by Johannes Stadler

  • Car rim analysis

    Created on September 4, 2014 by Johannes Stadler

  • CNC router table analysis

    Created on August 30, 2014 by Milad Mafi

  • Shell and tube heat exchanger

    Created on August 28, 2014 by Milad Mafi

  • Rotor eigenfrequency analysis

    Created on August 8, 2014 by Richard Szöke-Schuller

  • Simulation of airflow around a football

    Created on July 15, 2014 by David Heiny

  • Simulation of airflow through a turbo-charger

    Created on July 12, 2014 by David Heiny

  • Server room cooling

    Created on June 26th 2014 by Milad Mafi

  • Radial stamp deep drawing

    Created on June 27th 2014 by Richard Szoeke-Schuller

  • Pipe hollow drawing

    Created on June 30th 2014 by Richard Szoeke-Schuller

  • Harmonic analysis of a jet engine mount

    Created on March 31th 2014 by Richard Szoeke-Schuller

  • Drop test of a mobile phone case

    Created on May 15th 2014 by Richard Szoeke-Schuller

  • Filling of a fuel tank

    Created on June 4th 2014 by Dr. Ahmad Al-Zoubi

  • Comparison of pipe junction designs

    Created on March 3rd 2014 by David Heiny

  • Temperature and airflow analysis inside a room

    Created on March 19th 2014 by David Heiny

  • Simulation of the airflow around a wind turbine

    Created on May 2, 2014 by Johannes Probst

  • Optimization of a globe valve

    Created on March 21th 2014 by David Heiny

  • Harmonic analysis of an impeller

    Created on April 3rd 2014 by Richard Szoeke-Schuller

  • Compressible valve fluid flow

    Created on April 15th 2014 by David Heiny

  • Valve under internal pressure

    Created on April 16th 2014 by David Heiny

  • Fluid flow through a static mixer

    Created on April 29th 2014 by David Heiny

  • Water flow through globe valve

    Created on December 2nd 2013 by David Heiny

  • Stress analysis of a toggle clamp

    Created on December 2nd 2013 by Alexander Fischer

  • Thermofluid analysis of a heat exchanger

    Created on December 13th 2013 by David Heiny

  • Structural analysis of an engine piston

    Created on May 19th 2013 by Alexander Fischer

  • Structural Analysis of a connecting rod

    Created on July 6th 2013 by Alexander Fischer

  • Natural convection around a heat sink

    Created on May 19th 2013 by David Heiny

  • Laminar nozzle flow

    Created on July 1st 2013 by David Heiny

  • Turbulent flow through a cyclone separator

    Created on October 11th 2013 by David Heiny

  • Bearing bracket

    Created on July 1st 2013 by Alexander Fischer

  • Engine piston heat transfer

    Created on August 12th 2013 by Alexander Fischer

  • Compressible airfoil simulation

    Created on August 14th 2013 by Johannes Probst

  • Turbulent airflow around spoiler

    Created on August 21th 2013 by David Heiny

  • Car cabin acoustic natural frequencies

    Created on September 6th 2013 by Alexander Fischer

  • Turbulent airflow around a motorbike

    Created on October 16th 2013 by David Heiny

  • Two-dimensional dambreak

    Created on October 14th 2013 by David Heiny

  • Clamp assembly under static load

    Created on November 11th 2013 by David Heiny

  • Aerodynamics analysis of a futuristic car body

    Created on November 13th 2013 by David Heiny

  • Thermal analysis of a heat sink

    Created on November 22th 2013 by David Heiny

  • Dynamic contact analysis of a snapfit design

    Created on December 16th 2013 by Richard Szoeke-Schuller

  • Analysis of a 3D-printed bottle opener

    Created on December 19th 2013 by Richard Szoeke-Schuller

  • Stress analysis of an underrun protection device

    Created on January 19th 2014 by David Heiny

  • Airflow through an inlet duct

    Created on January 26th 2014 by David Heiny

  • Aerodynamics of a pipe with vent holes

    Created on February 12th 2014 by David Heiny

  • Thermostructural analysis of a router part

    Created on February 12th 2014 by David Heiny

  • Airfoil frequency analysis

    Created on July 5th 2013 by Alexander Fischer

  • Crane bending analysis

    Created on June 27th 2013 by Alexander Fischer

  • Oxygen transport in a water flow

    Created on July 4th 2013 by David Heiny

  • Stress analysis of a reclaimer part

    Created on March 28th 2014 by David Heiny